Reencenação Guerra dos Boers

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Reencenação Guerra dos Boers

Mensagem por Benny em Seg Dez 14, 2009 12:58 pm

he August 19, 2007, Grand Victorian Tactical at Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ, was the first 1880's/1890's Victorian battle reenactment in the region. The Royal Sussex Regiment faced off with the Pretoria Commando in a mock battle as part of an all-day Victorian living history display at the historic house. The day consisted of 4 mostly unscripted skirmishes where the Boer objective was to capture the English ladies as hostages and the British were to get them back. There were some allowances made for authenticity here and there as this was, in fact, the first event of its kind here. Future late Victorian events will be held throughout 2008. As you can see, we do have quite a lot of fun with this.


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